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Sharlene Gonzalez - Thursday April 7, 2011

Aornold and Sasa!! It was a pleasure meeting you guys!!! Great place! Can not wait to visit again!!! :)))

Katrin Hilbe - Saturday 2, 2011

So glad I finally made it up to Sasa's Lounge. So Cute! We had the greatest pre-show time there. xxx!

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Gerald ‎ - Apr 7, 2011
Great place to have dinner ...excellent chef ....the atmosphere is superb ...this place should definitely go on your itinerary. Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
Omar ‎ - Apr 4, 2011
It is a great place to go to after work. The prices are perfect, it's clean, the drinks and food are great. The service is pleasant with a warm comfortable atmosphere. What more Can you ask for. Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

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